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Module 13: Amulet: Book 1, The Stonekeeper

SLIS 5420.002
Module 13
November 15 – 21


Emily, Navin, and their mom move into an old family estate after the sudden death of their father. When exploring their new home, Emily discovers a stone and other mysterious secrets that pull the three of them into another world where Emily is the only one who can wield the power of the stone and help save that world from the Elf King, who is bent on destroying all that is good.


Kibuishi, K. (2008). Amulet: Book 1, the stonekeeper. New York: Graphix.

My Impressions:

I really enjoyed this graphic novel. The illustrations and panel sizes were just right for the feel of the story. Kibuishi does such a wonderful job of capturing all the details in each panel in order to give you a feeling of total immersion in the story, so you don't question what anything is supposed to look like or be. I think this is a must-read for any lover of graphic novels and comics.


From VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates Magazine):
Grade. M G. Popularity. 4P. Tragedy leads to high adventure in Kibuishi's latest creation, which is guaranteed to follow in the footsteps of his previous award-winning title, Daisy Kutter (Viper, 2005). The artist's use of color, moving from the poignant warm blues and whites of comfort and family to the smoky browns and blacks of tragedy and mystery, is subtle but highly effective. This artwork, coupled with Kibuishi's distinctive onomatopoeia and tight frames, help to lock the reader into the action and keep pages rapidly turning toward protagonist Emily's fate. Initially when Emily is forced to move with her mother and brother, Navin, to a dilapidated home in the 'middle of nowhere,' she fears a future filled with mind-numbing tedium, yet she quickly discovers the legacy of her forefather, Silas Charnon, hidden in an upstairs room-a mesmerizing amulet that opens the gates to a perilous alternate world. Readers will identify with Emily, who struggles to make good choices as all people do. Emily's bravery- her choice to confront evil at the risk of her own life-helps to reveal her intense love of family, but her refusal to relinquish the amulet reveals her more vulnerable, selfish side. Fans of Happy Bunny will love family-friendly and incredibly skilled bunny-bot, Miskit, companion in the fight against evil. Transformer fans will love the surprise development mid-novel. This classic quest begs for the next installment-one can only hope that book two of Amulet is not long in coming.-Erin Kilby. 208pg. VOICE OF YOUTH ADVOCATES, c2007.

Kilby, E. (2007 December). [Review of The Stonekeeper]. VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates Magazine), pp 446.

From School Library Journal:
Gr 4 Up-Hurrying to pick up her brother, Emily and her parents have a tragic accident, and her father dies. After this dark beginning, the story skips forward two years to when the remaining family members are forced to move to an ancestral house in a small town. Rumored to be haunted, it is unkempt and forbidding. The first night there, Emily's mother goes down to the basement to investigate a noise and doesn't return. The kids search for her and discover a doorway into another world, where their mother has been swallowed by a monster and is being taken away. An amulet that Emily found in the house tells her that together they can save her, but her brother isn't so sure that this voice can be trusted. Still, what other choice do they have in this strange place? Gorgeous illustrations with great color bring light to this gloomy tale. Filled with excitement, monsters, robots, and mysteries, this fantasy adventure will appeal to many readers, but it does have some truly nightmarish elements.-Dawn Rutherford, King County Library System, Bellevue, WA. 208pg. CAHNERS PUBLISHING, c2008.

Rutherford, D. (2008 January 1). [Review of The Stonekeeper]. School Library Journal, pp 152.

Library Setting Uses:

During Free Comic Book Day, coordinate with a local comic book store to get an artist to offer a workshop for students interested in drawing. Have them create a cartoon panel using drawings and magazine cutouts at the end of the session to display the different techniques they have learned.

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